Powerful Women | POWERful Women Annual Conference 2020 – 1 Oct 2020
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POWERful Women Annual Conference 2020 – 1 Oct 2020

The 3rd POWERful Women Annual Conference is planned for 1 October 2020 and this year we are encouraging the top energy companies in the UK, employing 75% of the UK workforce in energy, to attend.


For the past two years we have held workshops for aspiring women at the conference but, following the appointment of our Project Officer, Grace Kimberley, we plan to support women in other ways throughout the year.  Our annual conference will now focus on encouraging energy leaders to take immediate action to shift the dial on gender diversity.


Our Energy Leaders’ Coalition will showcase what has and is working for them (whilst acknowledging what doesn’t!).  Ideally we want energy companies to bring together those who are responsible for or aspiring to do better with gender diversity at our conference so they can knowledge-share and learn the key things that help to drive change. This event will be invitation only therefore.


The conference will also continue to be the platform at which we publish our annual board statistics.