A Manifesto for 40 by 30 … and beyond


Our mission is to create a gender-balanced, diverse and inclusive energy sector fit for the energy transition.








Our goal is for at least 40% of leadership and middle management roles in the UK energy industry to be held by women by 2030.









It is time to accelerate the pace of change.


To achieve our goals, we have identified THREE KEY ACTIONS that companies can take to make a difference, starting now. Your organisation will benefit from the higher performance, innovation, and resilience that comes with a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Will YOU make a commitment to speed up the pace of change? 

What will YOU choose to do – or advocate for – to move the needle?

Tick the boxes and press "I COMMIT" at the end and we’ll be in touch!

Every company is unique and at different stages on the journey to gender equity, so there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to what’s in your strategy, but will you consider some of these ideas for actions that we know make a difference?

Yes, I’ll explore or advocate for them within my own company:


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For more recommendations, a useful ‘Blueprint for Action’ and a set of good practice case studies,  read our Annual State of the Nation report 2024, produced in collaboration with Bain & Company.




POWERful Women will help – through challenging, supporting and connecting organisations and individuals.

We will continue to monitor companies’ diversity data and actions, report on progress, celebrate and share good practice and support delivery.

We will also continue to support women on their career journeys, through mentoring, networking and practical resources.  


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