Powerful Women | Business case for diversity
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Business case for diversity

Improvements with Increased Diversity Business Case
Improving performance

35% more likely to outperform  for companies ranking in top quartile diversity verses those in bottom quartile (1)
66% higher return on capital (2) for companies with more women on boards
26% share price (9) increase at companies that have one woman on board compared to none.

 Better decision making

Different view points and perspective prevents “group think” and brings new thinking (4) Equal gender diversity ratios correlates to higher innovation (5)

 Accessing the widest talent pool

50% potential loss of talent pool by not having women (4) Companies are seen less attractive to people to join and leads to lower employee’s satisfaction (1)

Being more responsive to the market/consumers

Woman are responsible for 85% of consumer purchases (6), leadership representing women could lead to more market orientation

Achieving better corporate governance and ethics

Just one female on the board cuts the risk of going bust by 20% (8) Companies that have women on boards  are more likely to follow governance rules & identify alternative criteria to measure strategy (7)