Every year we report on gender diversity at the top of the UK energy industry.


In partnership with PwC UK we gather and publish statistics on the number of women in board roles (exec and non-exec) and in the executive pipeline in the top c.80 energy companies, focussing on the most significant employers in the UK energy industry.  This reveals progress towards our target of 30% of executive director roles to be held by women by 2030.


Below we are pleased to present our 2022 Company Board Statistics:








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“As the new Chair of POWERful Women I am thrilled to be unveiling this year’s statistics and looking forward to seeing how many women sit at the energy sector’s top tables in 2022 and what challenges we still face. Reporting the data is an important part of our campaigning work to hold companies to account and and support them in making tangible progress.” – Katie Jackson, Chair, POWERful Women







“I’m passionate about supporting and developing women in the energy sector and delighted to be speaking at this year’s POWERful Women State of the Nation event where we will reflect on the progress made across boards in 2021and where further support is needed to tackle the numerous challenges the sector is facing.” – Elisabeth Hunt, Partner, PwC UK

Why report this data?

  • Publication of the annual statistics is an important part of POWERful Women’s campaigning and reporting work.
  • Gathering, monitoring and reporting data provides transparency and drives tangible progress towards diversity targets – “what gets measured gets managed”
  • This exercise is part of the constructive support PfW provides to UK energy companies, such as the Energy Leaders’ Coalition, in setting clear expectations and encouraging ambition and action.


We would like to thank PwC UK for their support once again for our Annual State of the Nation data analysis. We are grateful to all the companies and stakeholders who have provided input and who are working hard to improve their gender balance within their own organisation sand in the energy sector as a whole.


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