What can companies do?

If you’re an energy company or leader … 


  • Set gender diversity GOALS and targets at all levels in your organisation – and make them visible internally 
  • Publicise your goal as a POWERful Women PLEDGE 
  • Commit to gathering, tracking and REPORTING your diversity data – measure, measure, measure to check you’re getting your return on investment! 
  • APPOINT women to your Board and Exec Committee 
  • BREAK DOWN BARRIERS by implementing initiatives and messages that foster an inclusive culture – make your workplace somewhere where people can call out bias and thrive
  • Actively be an INCLUSIVE LEADER
  • Give your senior women more VISIBILITY (we can help!)  
  • SPONSOR high potential women 
  • ‘PULL UP A CHAIR’ for someone you think should be at the table
  • ASK the youngest and quietest woman in the room for her opinion and LISTEN to feedback
  • Become a MENTOR or PfW AMBASSADOR to support aspiring women in energy or to be an advocate for PfW’s goals across the sector 
  • GET INVOLVED in POWERful Women’s work and find out how we can support you in your diversity and inclusion ambitions 
  • SHARE your best diversity & inclusion practice and learn from others – see our suite of case studies   



Have we missed anything? Contact info@powerfulwomen.org.uk for your suggestions.