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POWERful Connections is about matching the experience of one person with the potential of another. The programme pairs some of the most influential people working in energy today with female professionals who are aspiring to move into senior leadership positions within the next five years.  It aims to give leaders of the future support in taking their next steps by giving them one-to-one time with those who have already trodden the same path and are now at energy’s top table.


POWERful Connections is not a ‘traditional’ mentoring programme – those who are partnered will usually meet three or four times over a six-to-nine-month period, and so the relationships we are setting up will be relatively short term. We find, however, that they provide highly valuable and focussed support at critical moments in women’s career development and we hope that those involved will want to stay connected.


Becoming a POWERful Women mentor

If you are a senior energy professional and interested in working across the sector to achieve a positive change, we would love you to join us as a POWERful Connections mentor.

Ideally, you will be at C-suite level (CEO, Board or Executive Director) and will need to be willing to set aside a few hours of your time over six to nine months to work with one or more mentees.

“Mentoring is such an important part of what we can all do for each other, unblocking barriers for others, supporting ambition, helping with difficulties and more than anything making friends.  For the mentor what is wonderful is that one learns so much – so it is a win-win!” – PfW Mentor


Becoming a POWERful Women mentee

If you are a woman currently working in energy and intend to continue to develop your career in the sector, the POWERful Connections programme could help you achieve your ambitions.  To apply, you will need to:

  • have a minimum of 10 years’ work experience, at least five years of which has been in energy;
  • already hold a management position; and
  • aspire to become a director, board member, or take on some other senior leadership position within the next five years or so.


“I have had the privilege of being mentored by a POWERful Women mentor since 2021. I started my first leadership position during the pandemic and needed some guidance on navigating the challenges around taking my place at the table. I have greatly benefited from my mentor’s vast experience and insights as a senior leader within the energy industry. My mentor has provided me with the confidence to have the courage of my convictions and to learn to speak up more for myself. The mentoring scheme has been invaluable and I cannot recommend it highly enough!” – POWERful Women Mentee

For further information about our mentoring scheme, please read the relevant guidance documents below, or contact us at

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