What can you do?



If you’re an aspiring woman … 


  • Get a career STRATEGY – think hard about your leadership journey
  • Get MENTORED or offer your time to be a MENOR or SPONSOR to those more junior than you – contact us to find out about POWERful Connections  
  • Get tech-savvy – consider and research how you can UPSKILL for the energy transition 
  • CALL OUT BIAS when you see it in your workplace or our industry
  • Encourage your COMPANY to set targets and make a pledge 
  • Remind people of the BUSINESS CASE for better diversity and inclusion. It’s not a ‘women’s’ issue it’s a performance issue 
  • CONTRIBUTE your experience for us to share with others, such as through career case studies
  • CREATE a ‘Balance Network’ within your organisation and use other sector networks to build relationships 
  • Consider how you can ENGAGE THE MEN in your organisation  
  • Actively PULL UP A CHAIR for another woman who you think should be at the table.


Have we missed anything? Contact info@powerfulwomen.org.uk for your suggestions.