Powerful Women | How can I help?
POWERful Women (PfW) is a professional initiative to advance gender diversity within the energy sector.
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How can I help?

In your organisation

  • Remind people of why diversity is so essential for the business. It is not a “womens’ issue” it’s a performance issue – use the business case with your organisation
  • Use our checklist.  How many of these are you and your organisation doing?
  • Make people aware of unconscious bias and keep checking you and your team are aware of it

As an individual

  • Think hard about your leadership journey where do you want to be and how can you get there? Use the career resources and maybe having a mentor or mentors might help you.
  • Also look out for women in your network how can you support and develop those more junior to you, and give them inspiration or opportunities to develop, could you mentor or sponsor a women more junior to you?
  • Think about all the conversations you have with other women and challenge them to think bigger and support them

Do you need any advice? Let us help you!