What can you do?


If you’re an aspiring woman in the energy industry, POWERful Women recommends that you….



  • Get a career strategy – think hard about your leadership journey and check out our resources on career planning


  • Get mentored – contact us to find out about POWERful Connections. We also hold POWERful Connections breakfasts which are advertised in this newsletter and are followed by a blog.


  • Get tech-savvy – consider and research how you can upskill for the energy transition


  • Ensure you are continuing your professional development by networking and finding out what is happening in the energy sector. The POWERful Women Youtube Page has some footage of our most recent events.


  • Connect POWERful Women to people who can make all the difference


  • Offer time to be a mentor or sponsor to support those more junior to you


  • Encourage your company to set targets and make a pledge


  • Remind people of the business case for better diversity and inclusion. It’s not a ‘women’s’ issue it’s a performance issue



  • Create a ‘Balance Network’ within your organisation and use other sector networks to build relationships



  • Think about all the conversations you have with other women, challenge them to think bigger and support them in their ambitions.



Have we missed anything? Contact info@powerfulwomen.org.uk for your suggestions.