POWERful Women is working with companies committed to gender diversity to reach the targets we have set for 2030. Pledge your support for advancing the professional growth and leadership development of women in the UK’s energy sector by contacting us.


“At Worley, we’re committed to working on measurable actions to achieve gender equality and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. We will retain our 30% female representation at board level and our current gender equal group executive. We are also building a future with more women in senior leadership roles and across our workforce. And, as we continue to build a culture of inclusion and belonging, we are committed to achieving gender balance for our collective annual global graduate intake by 2025.”


“We are Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, and pledge to deliver a diverse Net Zero workforce in the UK. We encourage a culture that capitalises on the diversity of our people and the inclusion of ideas and perspectives that challenge norms and drive innovation. In our UK workforce, we aim to have 40% of women in leadership positions by 2030. In our UK activities, we will encourage and influence our supply chain to promote diversity and inclusion, and support our staff to mentor and inspire more women to pursue STEM subjects.”


“Red Rock Power Limited is committed to the professional development of our female employees and continuing to tackle the issue of gender inequality within the wider renewables industry. We aim to achieve a 50-50 gender balance within our business, with at least a third of management level roles held by women, by 2030.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting initiatives which encourage more women to pursue STEM subjects and careers in STEM or renewables through school, further and higher education interaction, apprenticeships and graduate and post-graduate placements.”


“Our success depends on the diversity of talent, where our people bring the best of themselves to their roles. We aim to provide equal opportunities to all our employees and applicants, and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We are proud to have a dedicated team focused on making Spirit Energy, and the oil and gas industry as a whole, a more attractive, welcoming place to work.

We pledge to continue to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion and continue to grow and develop our proportion of female staff across the business. We also commit to working with other partners to raise awareness and engagement with the wider industry and share best practice.”



“By 2025, Ofgem pledges to achieve 50% female representation across all its pay grades, from the most junior roles all the way up to Senior Civil Servant. Current (2019) levels are as follows: Grades A-C – 47.7%; grade D – 44.6%; grade E – 32.88% and SCS – 33.33%. By 2025, Ofgem pledges to achieve 19% representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) females across all its pay grades. Current (2019) levels are as follows: Grades A-C – 14.25%; Grade D – 8.02%; Grade E – 4.11%; and SCS – 2.56%.”



“In 2011, we set a goal to have 25% female group leaders (our most senior women) by 2020. We have made consistent progress and have now met this goal, with over 25% female leaders. Our overall bp population is now 37.5% female but we know there is more to do. As we reimagine energy for people and for our planet, we are reinventing BP to become more focused, more integrated, more inclusive, and better equipped to meet the world’s fast-changing energy demands – women in bp are playing a critical role in this.”



“At Kaluza, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not only fundamental to us building the company we want to be, but also to us achieving our vision of powering a world where net zero is within everyone’s reach. We know that an environment where we all feel welcome and respected means we do our best work. And that embracing our differences strengthens us, by leading us to better ways of doing things and better outcomes.


We pledge to focus on our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy by committing to the following pledges:


  • 30% women or non-binary people in Kaluza by 2025


  • 25% women or non-binary people in Tech by 2025


  • 40% women or non-binary people in Leadership (‘Head of’ or above) by 2025


  • 30% women or non-binary people in Tech Leadership by 2025″




“The big challenges facing the energy industry will not be solved well unless its leadership and workforce properly reflect the society they serve. The EI is proud to have 40% of board positions and 60% of executive team positions filled by women today. In total, two-thirds of our workforce is female. We now pledge to drive D&I actions across our activities from awards entries to conference speakers to editorial contributors and across our membership to improve the profile of women in the industry and encourage women to retain and develop their energy careers.”


“At OVO, inclusion & diversity is about cultivating an environment which is open to all, increases engagement, fosters creativity and gives everyone a greater sense of belonging. Ultimately it’s part of how we make OVO Better for Everyone.


We are doing everything we can to attract brilliant women to join OVO and want to positively champion this by putting even more focus on our Inclusion & Diversity strategy and achieving the following pledges:


  • 40% of our leadership roles (HoDs and above) to be held by women by 2025
  • 25% women in Tech by 2025
  • 10% women in Smart Metering Engineering roles by 2025″



“Drax Group is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive environment where colleagues are able to realise their potential and be supported to be at their best.

Drax Group pledges to do more to attract, engage and progress women and ensure we are an employer of choice for all people who see their future in energy. By 2020, it is our aim to have 40% of the senior leadership roles across Drax Group held by women.

A commitment to diversity is fundamental to achieving our strategic goals and delivering our purpose: helping to change the way energy is generated, supplied and used for a better future.”


“Uniper pledges to redress the under representation of females at a senior level in our organisation and are committed to creating an open and inclusive culture for all.”




“SSE are serious about the progression of women with a target to increase the amount of women earning over £40,000 from 11% to 25% by 2025.”


“Cuadrilla pledges that at least 40% of our middle management will be female by 2025 and that we will support, through our community donations programme, initiatives which encourage more young women to pursue STEM subjects.”



“UKOOG pledges to offer active support and guidance of all members in order to develop an employment culture that attracts, supports and promotes women at all levels and all areas of the onshore oil and gas industry.”


“IGas is committed to gender diversity and our aim is for women to represent 40% of senior management by 2025.”


“Alstom will continue to grow and develop its Women’s Network. Alstom’s UK President will personally support the POWERful Connections mentoring scheme.”


“Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will commit to women representing 50% of Senior Civil Servants by 2025.”


Energy UK is committed to driving forward progress towards a more equal, diverse and inclusive energy sector. We are proud that 4 out of 6 of our senior leadership team are women – including our chief executive.  We work actively to support the professional development of women in Energy UK, and the wider energy industry, through our communications, events and engagement.  Our Equality and Diversity Forum, launched in 2018, provides an important network across the sector and seeks to share information, guidance and advice – both from attendees and external organisations – in a bid to drive forward best practice in equality and diversity across the sector.






Overall in the UK, our % female representation is currently 26%.  This has remained static at 26% for middle management positions whilst increasing from 7% to 15% in senior management positions since 2018.


We remain committed to the offshore wind sector target for the UK of 33% female representation by 2030.


“We commit to achieving our gender diversity targets, including more than tripling our percentage of female senior leaders (from 11% at the end of 2015 to 35% by 2030).”

“Creating an inclusive working environment where everyone feels welcome, can be themselves and grow their career, is our priority at E.ON. Our commitment is to make sure our colleague diversity reflects UK society and the markets we serve, and we are working towards a 50/50 gender split at all levels.’’






“Shell Energy will commit to increasing the proportion of female executives to 30% and the proportion of women in senior roles to 40% by 2020 (within 5 years).”





“We’re proud to have achieved gender balance on our board and in our executive team. Now we’re turning our focus on senior management, with a view to achieving 50:50 in the coming years.”



“As at May 2020, we have a female representation of 42% on our Executive Committee, 30% in our Director group and 17% on our Partnership Board. Over the past three years 32.2% of promotions to Partner were female. However, we are not being complacent and are keen to build on this momentum, which is why we are looking at our entire talent pipeline and have implemented the following initiatives:


  • Coaching programmes for junior associates;
  • Sponsorship programmes for underrepresented talent;
  • All practices working on 50/50 gender action plans;
  • All slate candidates are scrutinised by ExCom and Partnership Board to ensure fairness; and
  • Shifting mindsets around agile working and working families (e.g. with New Parent Leave) to ensure that women are supported, not over-burdened, and able to concentrate on their careers where they want to.


By providing support at different levels, we hope to maintain a consistent pipeline of talent to partnership which will enable us to continuously hit our targets in future years.”


“National Grid commits to the professional development of women and delivery of measured gender diversity action plans in order to attract and create a network of talent, to help us make possible the energy systems of tomorrow. We commit to celebrate gender diversity externally and to share best practice across the energy industry.”


“RES will commit to develop its existing mentoring programme to include more women, in order to increase diversity in leadership and senior management.”



“All Scottish Renewables offshore conferences will include at least 30% female speakers, panellists and chairs.”

Recent statements of support for PfW


“In a world where the expression ‘war for talent’ has never been more true, you can’t rule out 50% of the world. Likewise, when challenge and fresh thinking is key to decision-making,you must have ‘diversity of thought’. People from different backgrounds, gender and race bring that.”

Steve Holliday FREng FEI, former CEO, National Grid



“We absolutely understand the value of diversity to improve our business performance. Whilst we can’t hit the goals now we plan to achieve that diversity as we grow and develop our team”

Peter Young, Founder, Independent Oil and Gas