Loraine Martins POWERful Connections Breakfast

POWERful Connections Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast – 2nd February “How to implement practical DEI solutions in an ever-changing world” hosted by Loraine Martins  






On 2nd February 2022 we held our first POWERful Connections Breakfast of the year: “How to implement practical DEI solutions in an ever-changing world”, hosted by Loraine Martins OBE FRSA (she/her), POWERful Women Board member and Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Network Rail
For the first time, this breakfast was focussed around the ‘practical support to companies’ pillar of our work, providing cross-sectoral diversity and inclusion solutions to a focus group made up of energy employers and D&I champions. 

Our attendees were able to see how other sectors and organisations approach D&I, as well as the value of measuring in launching and maintaining a successful D&I strategy. 

Our thanks to Loraine for her valuable insights and to attendees for their thought-provoking questions and experience-sharing.  





More of this to come in our follow-up blog, coming soon!