POWERful Connections Breakfast with Emma Pinchbeck

POWERful Connections Breakfast with Emma Pinchbeck

On Friday 23rdNovember 2018, Emma Pinchbeck, Executive Director of RenewableUK kindly hosted a POWERful Connections Breakfast for ten women from the POWERful Women community ranging from middle to senior management.

Emma’s passion to support and mentor women in their careers, really came through the discussion. Reflective of her inclusive leadership style, Emma also inspired and engaged the room, and brought a fresh perspective to the conversation.

She authentically shared her own experiences and insights from her unique career path and discussed with the women how they can develop their career strategy and themselves professionally, and how they can build their environments in ways that would enable them to forge a path to leadership roles. Other topics discussed included: how to challenge yourself and take on roles that push you, and that enable you to create a positive impact in your organisation; how to move from technical roles into management positions; and what are the non-technical skills needed to lead and be a great leader.

The women also found value in the safe space to share their experiences and challenges with each other, and to bounce ideas around on how they could tackle the specific situations currently facing them.

POWERful Women would also like to thank Ørsted for kindly welcoming us to their offices in London, to generously host the Breakfast.  

Read here Emma’s Blog on ‘How to … be a Leader and not just a Manager’

POWERful Connections Breakfasts are part of the POWERful Connections Mentoring Programme. The Breakfasts are offered in an informal setting and hosted by senior women in the industry, for a small group of women to discuss with their host and each other how they can develop professionally and how to overcome the challenges to progress in their careers.

The POWERful Connections Mentoring Programme pairs the most senior leaders and opinion formers in energy with female professionals who are aspiring to move into senior leadership positions with the next five years or so.  The Programme focuses on one-to-one mentoring but also includes group mentoring events, such as speed mentoring and Breakfasts. To learn more about the Mentoring Programme read here.