Company board statistics 2020

POWERful Women reports annually on its work to track diversity at senior levels in the energy sector. This year we have been supported by PwC in collating and analysing the board and executive board statistics for the top (c. 80) energy companies in the UK, focussing on the most significant employers in the sector.
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CompanyNumber of board membersNumber of women on the board% of board seats occupied by womenNumber of executive directorsNumber of female executive directors% of executive director positions occupied by women
Sector Average21%13%
Good Energy Group Plc6350%2150%
BP Plc11545%200%
Total UK5240%5240%
National Grid13538%4125%
SSE Plc11436%300%
Cavendish Nuclear Ltd (Subsidiary of Babcock International)12433%200%
Sellafield Ltd12433%200%
Wood Plc9333%200%
Centrica Plc11327%300%
Ovo Group11327%7343%
Drax Group Plc7229%200%
Scottish Power (Iberdrola)9222%100%
E.ON UK Plc7114%7114%
Subsea 77114%000%
The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd5360%5360%
Greencoat UK Wind Plc6350%200%
DNO North Sea Plc5240%200%
Pharos Energy8338%3133%
Tullow Oil Plc8338%2150%
Cairn Energy Plc9333%200%
HydroDec Group Plc3133%100%
Premier Oil Plc10330%300%
Hunting Plc7229%200%
James Fisher and Sons Plc7229%300%
Neptune Energy7229%300%
Hurricane Energy Plc8225%200%
Mainstream Renewable Power9222%3133%
Pressure Technologies Plc5120%2150%
Rockhopper Exploration5120%200%
Seplat Petroleum11218%300%
Independent Oil & Gas Plc6117%300%
Plexus Holdings Plc6117%300%
GETECH Group Plc7114%300%
Serica Energy Plc7114%200%
Telecom Plus Plc ‘The Utility Warehouse’7114%300%
Awilco Drilling Plc8113%100%
EnQuest Plc8113%300%
Nostrum Oil & Gas Plc8113%4125%
Quadrise Fuels International Plc8113%300%
Genel Energy Ltd10110%300%
Velocys Plc1119%200%
Ascent Resources Plc300%200%
Baron Oil Plc300%200%
Borders and Southern Petroleum Plc400%100%
Bowleven Plc200%100%
Cabot Energy300%100%
Columbus Energy400%200%
Echo Energy Plc500%300%
Egdon Resources Plc600%200%
Enteq Upstream Plc400%200%
Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) Plc500%200%
Gulfsands Petroleum Plc600%200%
Hague and London Oil Plc300%100%
Hardy Oil & Gas Plc200%200%
IGas Energy500%100%
Jersey Oil and Gas Plc500%300%
JKX Oil & Gas Plc500%300%
Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Company Plc300%100%
President Energy Plc400%200%
RusPetro Plc200%200%
Sirius Petroleum Plc600%300%
Solo Oil Plc400%100%
Sound Oil Plc400%200%
Sterling Energy Plc400%100%
The Parkmead Group Plc400%200%
Tower Resources Plc300%100%
UK Oil & Gas Investments Plc400%200%
Union Jack Oil Plc400%200%
Victoria Oil & Gas Plc500%300%
Repsol Sinopec500%500%
Gazprom Marketing and Trading200%200%
Companies highlighted in dark grey on the top-left side are the largest employers listed making up an estimated 80% of those directly employed in the sector.
Green percentage figures meet the Davies 2020 33% target for women on their boards or PfW 2030 30% target for women in executive director positions on boards.
Amber shows companies that have at least one female board member, but do not meet the above targets.
Red shows where there are no women on the boards.
Data gathered by PwC and correct as at 3 April 2020. Criteria: company is a significant employer in the UK energy sector, listed on the London Stock Exchange or headquartered in the UK.

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