Juliet Davenport OBE HonFEI, CEO, Good Energy

Juliet Davenport OBE HonFEI, CEO, Good Energy

Juliet Davenport

In our latest case study, we feature POWERful Woman and energy leader Juliet Davenport OBE HonFEI.

Juliet is Founder and CEO of Good Energy, is a member of our Energy Leaders’ Coalition and was recently appointed Vice President of the Energy Institute.

In the video, hear her fascinating career story, her passion for decarbonisation and her advice for aspiring women in the energy sector.





Juliet on the early days of her career in energy:   “My view of the energy sector was very much from the point of view of walking into a room and being surrounded by men. And it struck me that actually having more diverse voices, and more diverse thinking, could  help transform the energy sector.”

She describes her career path as interesting:  “I was an atmospheric physicist wanting to do something about climate change and low carbon and that industry didn’t really exist when I started.”

And also encountering challenges: “Going to industry meetings and not being listened to, not being heard. I’m fairly good at overcoming those but you need courage and you need resilience. It has been quite tough. It’s better now, but sometimes you have to really dig deep and be passionate about what you believe.”

Her advice to aspiring women in the energy sector? “Go down a career path because you believe in it. That always shines through in any leadership process. And don’t be afraid of learning new skills.  As a leader you can’t have just one skill set, you need to be able to communicate, you need to be able to lead and you probably need some technical understanding of the industry you are in. So do it all!”