In Conversation Ep 2 Part 2 – Sinead Lynch

In Conversation Ep 2 Part 2 – Sinead Lynch

Country Chair, Shell UK



This is the second half of the fascinating ‘In Conversation’ video we recorded between Sinead Lynch of Shell UK and Louise Kingham, Chief Executive of the EI and POWERful Women Board Member.

As well as sharing how Shell UK is making great strides on better gender balance at the top – 30% of their senior leaders are now women – Sinead offers useful advice for women progressing their careers in energy.


“I think you have to find your path, your work cadence, your work life balance and how you turn up – and then you have to own it.”   


Our ‘In Conversation’ series aims to profile women working at the most senior levels of the UK energy sector – for visibility, inspiration and practical advice for aspiring women in our industry. 


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