“Choose your boss wisely” – In Conversation with Nicola Lovett

“Choose your boss wisely” – In Conversation with Nicola Lovett

CEO of Engie UK – POWERful Women

In the third episode of our ‘In conversation’ series with energy leaders, Nicola Lovett discusses her unusual and non-traditional career journey to hold one of the most senior energy leadership roles in the UK.   

In this honest and open conversation with Louise Kingham, former CEO of the EI, she also gives her perspective on how the workplace will change post-pandemic, how flexibility gets you more engaged staff and the power of data to achieve diversity goals. 



Nicola shares her top 3 tips for other aspiring women: 

  1. Choose your boss wisely and surround yourself with positive people willing to support you. 
  2. Use ruthless time management to get the home-work life balance 
  3. Believe in yourself 

You can watch the full video here