The Wise Woman: a new 4-part webinar series for mid-career women to discuss how to transform their health, life and leadership impact


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PfW is delighted to be supporting this new series of webinars, produced by The Collaborators (UK Ltd), a neuroscience coaching company. Launching around World Menopause Day, the series covers the following topics:




19 October, 6-7pm:

Redefining Menopausal Care. How to transform your health and wellbeing as you navigate menopause.


2 November, 6-7pm:

Refining the mid-career narrative. What will break the taboos and biases related to women, careers and menopause?


16 November, 6-7pm: The Neuroscience and Art of transformation.

Access the emerging field of applied neuroscience coaching to discover a holistic approach to amplify physical and emotional well-being, cognitive skills and leadership impact.


7 December, 6-7pm: Stories and choices that make a difference.

Share stories and build your personal blueprint to elevate your life, health and leadership impact. Walk away with confidence and clarity on how you already are and can be a catalyst for change.


Speakers for the series:

Amantha King – Corporate Menopause Advisor and Consultant
Colette Bardell – Ayurvedic coach and therapist, Yoga Teacher
Dr Heather Currie – MBE, Gynaecologist, Associate Medical Director, Menopause Thought leader
June Potts MBA – Award winning Menopause Workplace Consultant
Maria Chase – Applied Neuroscience Coach and Mental Health Specialist
Mike Smith – Founder Men as Allies Well Group North Sea, BP
Neil Hudson-Basing – Event Project Manager & Emcee
Nigel Denby RD Specialist Menopause Dietitian – Specialist Menopause Dietitian
Ruth Devlin – Author – Men..Let’s Talk Menopause, Speaker, Menopause Expert
Dr Shashi Prasad – GP & BMS Accredited Menopause specialist
Sunita Passi – Ayurvedic Medicine specialist, founder of Tri-Dosha
Yvonne Toms – Ayurveda therapist, Yoga Teacher



Diverse voices and experiences are welcomed. This is not an opportunity just for mid-career women but how we can all work together to make a difference for them and other challenges we face.


The webinars are free and if you miss a session you can access the recordings till end of the year.


JOIN US on 19 October and stay for the series!


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