Developing Women in the Nuclear Industry

Developing Women in the Nuclear Industry

EDF Energy and POWERful Women Speaker and Panel Discussion 

On Tuesday, 19 March 2019, we were delighted to join with EDF Energy to host an event to discuss the target for 40% women in the nuclear industry by 2030. The event looked to explore career progression for women in nuclear and launch the Sizewell C Women’s Network.

The packed room of both men and women had the opportunity to hear from leaders, including Julia Pyke, Development Director, EDF Energy, Louise Kingham, Chef Executive, Energy Institute and POWERful Women Board Member, Joanna Whittington, Director General, Energy, BEIS, and Adriénne Kelbie, CEO, ONR on the opportunities and challenges for the nuclear sector as we move forward towards a world of clean energy and the critical role of diversity.

Joanna mentioned how the government sees diversity as an essential enabler in the future success of nuclear, if it is to play a part in a decarbonised world. Messages from the other leaders included ‘conscious inclusion,’ the commitments and steps POWERful Women’s Energy Leaders Coalition is implementing, the importance of trust for the nuclear sector, how diversity is key to better decision-making, and how the sector should reflect society.

During the discussion, Simone Rossie, CEO EDF Energy, highlighted that diverse thinking brings new ways of doing things. He told the room “we will be at an advantage if we can crack this nut” but that we still have a long way to go.

Our thanks again to EDF Energy – in particular Julia Pyke for organising a successful event.