Over a third of UK energy sector still all-male at board level says PwC

Over a third of UK energy sector still all-male at board level says PwC

By POWER Engineering International  – The latest board statistics on the gender balance at the top of the UK energy industry shows progress, however, 38% of the UK’s top energy companies still have no women on their management boards.

The 2020 annual board statistics by UK industry advocates POWERful Women and business consulting firm PwC notes a visible shift from last year towards POWERful Women’s target of 30% for executive board roles by 2030.

This year’s analysis looked at the composition of the boards of the top 80 companies in the UK energy sector, focussing on the most significant employers.

The results show:

  • 21% of board seats in the sector are occupied by women – a noticeable increase from 16% in 2019 and 13% in 2018;
  • 13% of executive board seats are occupied by women – more than double last year’s 6%;
  • 11 companies (15% of those surveyed) have now reached the POWERful Women target for 2030 of having at least 30% of their executive board seats occupied by women
  • Since the last review in 2019 there are 25 more female board members and the number of female executive directors has increased by two thirds.


  • More than a third (38%) of the UK’s top energy companies have no women on their boards at all – an improvement on last year’s 42% but this remains unacceptable.
  • More than two-thirds (79%) of the UK’s top energy companies have no women occupying executive board seats. This compares with 89% last year.


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