Gender Day 9th November: Inclusion and Innovation with Ofgem



Our Chair, Ruth Cairnie, took part in Ofgem’s Today @ COP event on Gender Day, to discuss .diversity and inclusion for the energy transition.  Interviewed by Ofgem’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Naseem Ahmed, Ruth discussed the size of the challenge of increasing the representation of women at the top of the UK energy sector, why it is essential for Net Zero and what role the regulators can play.

“One of the challenges the energy sector faces at the moment is that it has to make itself much more attractive. It needs to develop a more open, inclusive modern image. And then that combined with the critical role it has in actually tackling the problems of climate change, should make it very compelling for people who want to be involved.”

Watch the recording, along with the others in Ofgem’s Today @ COP series, here.