POWERful Connections Breakfast with Adrienne Kelbie – 03 December 2020

The Office for Nuclear Regulation Chief Executive, Adriènne Kelbie. Picture date: 24th January 2019.


The POWERful Connections mentoring programme expanded some time ago to offer breakfast meetings to senior women in energy to support their professional growth and career development.


A POWERful Women Ambassador and/or POWERful Connections Mentor hosts a breakfast meeting for and audience of less than ten women on our network, focussed on a particular theme, for 1.5 hours virtually. This year we have held sessions by Oona Muirhead and Juliet Davenport. The breakfasts are usually followed by a blog for all to read, but there is a selection process for the event itself.


We are delighted to announce a new breakfast taking place on 3rd December at 08.30am, hosted by Adrienne Kelbie CBE, Chief Executive, Office for Nuclear Regulation.


If you are a senior female in energy with 10 years’ work experience, 5 of which are in energy, and you are interested in learning ‘How to pursue what you want”, Adrienne Kelbie’s breakfast could benefit you.


Adriènne Kelbie has worked in the private, voluntary and public sectors, with twenty years at Board level, where she has driven improved customer focus, transparency, organisational development, and both staff and stakeholder engagement.


Adriènne is known as a transformational leader who believes that the best teams are diverse teams and is greatly interested in developing her people and learning from them. She also champions open engagement with stakeholders, including NGOs who are concerned about nuclear, as well as inclusion groups and industry.


Adriènne is also a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, a Companion Member of the Chartered Management Institute, and a graduate of Oxford University’s Major Programme Leadership Academy, reflecting her interest in developing leadership by example.


If you are interested in attending this breakfast meeting, please email Grace by clicking here with a copy of your CV and let us know why would you think this breakfast would benefit you. Your CV will be passed to Adriènne and if you are selected you’ll be asked answer a few short questions about your needs at this time so that she can tailor the event to best support you.